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Hydraulic system of 300 ton four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-11-21
We have introduced a lot of relevant content about the four-column hydraulic press in the previous introduction, and today we are going to talk about the hydraulic system of the 300-ton four-column hydraulic press. What aspects of it are worth learning and understanding?

The hydraulic transmission system of this 300-ton four-column hydraulic press mainly depends on pressure to change. If his system pressure becomes higher, his flow rate will also increase, and of course, the power will also increase. At this time, we should pay attention to increasing his power, so as to prevent shock and vibration during pressure relief. Of course, the key is to ensure the corresponding safety. For now, press machining is the main hydraulic transmission method.

The 300-ton four-column hydraulic press can quickly descend, press, hold pressure, delay, return and stop according to the corresponding requirements. This is a basic operation process. We can also adjust the pressure, speed and pressure holding time. . If we eject the hydraulic cylinder, we can use the ejected workpiece and the corresponding actions, such as ejection, retraction and stop. Sometimes we also use a blank of blank-holder steel for pressing, which can prevent the periphery from wrinkling.

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