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Hydraulic shearing machine operating procedures and troubleshooting methods

by:WORLD     2022-08-15

The hydraulic shearing machine is a method of circular arc movement. It is a machine that cuts or separates metal materials of different thicknesses, which brings too much convenience to the industry. So do you know the specific operating procedures of the hydraulic shearing machine? How should maintenance measures be carried out when a fault occurs? Come and take a look with the world press machine. The following is an introduction to 'Hydraulic shearing machine operating procedures and troubleshooting methods'.

[How to repair the failure of the hydraulic shearing machine]

1. How to replace the hydraulic shearing machine pipeline seal?

First put the upper tool rest of the hydraulic shearing machine to the bottom dead center, then cut off the power supply of the machine tool, loosen the connecting pipe of the oil-seeking part, and take out the damaged seal, then apply a layer of butter in the joint groove, and then put the new The seal is installed in the groove, and the nozzle is tightened, and the hydraulic shearing machine is filled with oil and reset, and it is put into normal use. 2. The hydraulic shearing machine does not generate working pressure?

1. Check whether the forward and reverse rotations of the shearing machine motor and the oil pump are correct.

2. Clean the valve core of the safety relief valve of the shearing machine.

3. Two-position four-way solenoid valve for cleaning the hydraulic system of the shearing machine.

3. The return speed of the hydraulic shearing machine tool holder is slow

1. Refill the shearing machine with oil once.

2. Check whether there are signs of oil leakage and oil leakage in each connection part of the shearing machine.

3. Check the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator of the shearing machine (normal nitrogen pressure is 4-5MPa, if it is lower than that, please fill it with nitrogen in time)

Four, hydraulic shearing machine blade turning and gap adjustment

1. The hydraulic shearing machine blade is turned over

Adjust the upper blade holder to zero degree with the button of decreasing the shear angle, then remove the worktable guide plate to loosen the screws that fix the lower blade, take out the lower blade in sequence, then loosen the screws that fix the upper blade, and take out the upper blade in sequence, Then turn each blade over, and install the blade first, then the blade. Check whether the interface between the blades is smooth and flat, fix all the blade screws, and install the guide plate.

2. Gap adjustment of hydraulic shearing machine

Use the two buttons to increase and decrease the shearing angle, place the upper blade of the machine tool and the two ends of the lower blade to overlap 3-5mm, and adjust the small gap value. Automatic reset, switch the key button to the cut position, and enter into normal use

【Introduction to the operating procedures of hydraulic shearing machine】

Because the hydraulic shearing machine moves in an arc, and the arc blade is very difficult to make, generally it is compensated with a bolster after the blade, so the obtained gap is not accurate, and the cut sheet is not very ideal. Because it is an arc-shaped movement, the blade cannot be made into a rectangle, but should be made into an acute angle, so the force of the blade is not ideal, and the damage of the blade is also severe.

Operating procedures of hydraulic shears:

1. Conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of 'General Operating Regulations for Forging Equipment'.

2. Conscientiously implement the following supplementary provisions:

(1) Carefully do the following before work:

1. Equipment with hydraulic devices, check the oil volume of the oil storage tank should be sufficient. After starting the oil pump, check whether there is leakage in the valve and pipeline, and the pressure should meet the requirements. Open the bleed valve to let air out of the system.

2. Before the dry running test, the machine should be manually cranked for a working stroke, and the equipment can be started only after confirming that it is normal.

(2) Conscientiously do:

1. The gap between the blades should be adjusted according to the thickness of the plate, but not greater than 1/30 of the plate. The blade should be fastened firmly, and the upper and lower blade surfaces should be kept parallel. After adjustment, manual turning inspection should be used to avoid accidents.

2. It is not allowed to cut the laminated sheet, trim the edge of the raw sheet, and do not cut the narrow sheet and short sheet that cannot be pressed tightly.

The above introduction about 'how to repair the failure of hydraulic shearing machine' and 'introduction to the operating procedures of hydraulic shearing machine', I hope to help you understand the 'operating rules and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic shearing machine'.

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