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Hydraulic press punch unloading buffer method

by:WORLD     2022-09-14
When the hydraulic press piston moves to the end, the buffer method of making the pressure oil of the hydraulic cylinder flow back to the oil tank is called the simple load buffer method. This method can only eliminate the shock caused by pressure energy, but cannot eliminate the shock caused by inertial energy.

One or several sets of unloading valves are arranged on the piston of the hydraulic press. Each set of unloading rooms is composed of a valve core and two valve sleeves. When the piston moves to both ends, the unloading valve is opened to make the high-pressure chamber Consistent with the low pressure chamber, buffering is realized, and the unloading buffering method does not cause heat generation like throttling buffering. However, when the piston is at the end, the hydraulic cylinder is connected, which has a certain influence on the reverse start, and should be paid attention to when using it.

Design Calculation of Hydraulic Punch Buffer

When the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic punch press drags the heavy components for high-speed movement to the end of the stroke, severe mechanical collisions often occur. In addition, the sudden stop of the movement of the piston often causes water hammer in the pressure pipeline, resulting in great impact and noise. The generation of this mechanical shock will not only affect the working performance of the mechanical equipment, but also damage the hydraulic cylinder and other components of the hydraulic system, which is very dangerous. A buffer is a buffer device arranged inside the hydraulic cylinder to prevent or reduce this kind of shock and vibration, which can play a buffering role to a certain extent.

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