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Hydraulic Press Machine


Our Hydraulic Press Machine

    Hydraulic press is powered by hydraulic cylinder. We supply c frame single pillar type hydraulic press, four column type hydraulic press and box column type hydraulic press. Hydraulic cushion under the bolster is optional. Hydraulic press is most suitable for sheet metal parts stamping and drawing. It is applicable for kitchen sinks, rice cooker pots, pans, cups, filter houses, tin cans, and such deep drawing parts production. Hydraulic press is also suitable for hot forging

    The hydraulic press consists of two parts: the control system and the main structure. The power system consists of a hydraulic oil tank, a high-pressure pump, a low-pressure control system, an electric motor, a high-pressure valve and a directional valve. The power system realizes the energy conversion, adjustment and transportation through the pump and the oil cylinder and various hydraulic valves under the control of the electrical device, to complete the cycle of various stamping and drawing actions. The main body par includes the frame, the master cylinder, an ejection cylinder, and a flushing device.

    The hydraulic press is a series of general-purpose pressing equipment, such as powder molding, plastic molding, cold (hot) extrusior metal forming, sheet metal stretching and stamping, bending, flanging, correction and other processes. The hydraulic press has an independent power system electrical system. It adopts centralized button control to realize adjustment, manual and semi-automatic working modes. The working pressure, pressing speed and slider stroke of the hydraulic press can be adiusted according to the process requirements. There are three kinds of process: with ejector process, no ejector process and stretching process. Each process is selected for constant pressure and fixed stroke process. The constant pressure forming process has three function as pressure keeping, delay and automatic return after pressing.

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