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Hydraulic press hydraulic pump suction solution

by:WORLD     2022-09-06
Air suction is an important reason that affects the normal operation of the hydraulic pump. The air suction of the hydraulic pump of the 80-ton four-column hydraulic press mainly means that the oil pressure sucked in by the hydraulic pump is mixed with air, which will reduce the volume efficiency of the hydraulic pump and cause the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The impact of work should be eliminated as soon as possible. So, how do we rule out the suction failure of the hydraulic pump?

80 ton four-column hydraulic press

1) The manufacturer of the 80-ton four-column hydraulic press should seal the connection of the oil suction pipe of the hydraulic pump well to prevent air from being sucked in. The relevant parts of the hydraulic pump itself (such as the oil outlet) should also be strictly sealed to prevent the suction of air due to short-term low pressure in the pump.

2) The design of the 80-ton four-column hydraulic oil tank should be reasonable. The oil return line should face the tank wall with a 45° bevel cut and be inserted into the oil close to the tank wall. The flow rate should not be too high to prevent the return oil from agitating the liquid level and mixing air when it rushes into the tank. A baffle should be set in the oil tank so that the bubbles in the oil will not enter the vicinity of the oil suction pipe after floating.

3) Add oil in moderation. The oil in the 80-ton four-column hydraulic oil tank should be added to the height indicated by the oil mark line, the oil suction pipe must be immersed in 2/3 of the depth of the oil tank, and the distance from the oil suction port of the hydraulic pump to the liquid surface should be as short as possible to reduce Oil absorption resistance. If the viscosity of the oil is too high, replace the oil with a lower viscosity. When the oil filter is blocked, the dirt should be removed in time, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of excess air.

4) Select the appropriate hydraulic oil. Generally speaking, manufacturers of 80-ton four-column hydraulic presses should use working oil with good defoaming properties, or add defoaming additives to the oil, so that the air bubbles in the oil can quickly float up and disappear.

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