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Hydraulic press equipment maintenance

by:WORLD     2022-11-25

Hydraulic press equipment maintenance

1. Column, body, master cylinder, ejector cylinder

1. Check whether all fasteners such as the column and the fuselage are loose or damaged, and adjust or repair according to the situation.

2. Disassemble the master cylinder and ejector cylinder according to the situation, check all the parts, and repair the worn parts.

Two hydraulic and control

1. Clean the fuel tank and add enough hydraulic oil.

2. Check the high-pressure pump, and repair or replace the worn parts according to the situation.

3. Disassemble and check the hydraulic components on the control box and control panel, and repair or replace them according to the wear and tear.

4. General assembly and debugging, maintain the normal operation of hydraulic pressure, flexible operation, safe and reliable.

Three electrical

1. Overhaul the electrical box and electrical control system to achieve clean, safe and reliable inside and outside.

2. Overhaul the motor, and supplement or replace the lubricating grease.

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