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Hydraulic machine control features

by:WORLD     2022-11-29
Hydraulic machine control features

On the circuit:

1. The hydraulic press adopts a load cell, which can accurately measure the pressure of the CNC press during the press-fitting process, with an error of about 1%;

2. The hydraulic press uses an encoder to display the displacement of the cylinder movement, with an accuracy of 0.01mm.

3. The hydraulic press adopts PLC and touch screen, which is easy to operate and easy to learn. Pressure and displacement can be displayed on the screen, as well as a graph of pressure and displacement during the entire press-fitting process, and can be printed out.

4. It can store 20 sets of data programs, and adopts 5-point press-fitting comparison. If there is an abnormality during the press-fitting process, an alarm will be generated.

On the oil road:

1. The hydraulic press adopts an electromagnetic relief valve, and the oil temperature will not rise in the standby state.

2. The hydraulic press adopts the cartridge valve, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of the hydraulic valve;

3. The hydraulic press adopts a proportional relief valve, which can effectively control the output of the oil cylinder through the cooperation with the circuit. That is to say, how much force you want the oil cylinder to exert can be set through the touch screen, so that the proportional valve can be controlled later.

The size of the cylinder output.

4. The hydraulic components used in the hydraulic press are all brand-name products from Taiwan or Japan, the solenoid valve is made from Taiwan, and the seals are made of NOK from Japan.

5. The hydraulic press adopts the oil circuit of the sub-cylinder and the main cylinder to realize the fast and slow speed, which is efficient and accurate. The oil pump adopts the imported oil pump, which has low noise and high efficiency. This article comes from the hydraulic manufacturer WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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