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Hydraulic energy-saving variable frequency speed regulating device of single-column hydraulic press and its function

by:WORLD     2022-11-08
Hydraulic energy-saving variable frequency speed regulating device of single-column hydraulic press and its function

In the process of using a single-column hydraulic press, in order to save electricity consumption and achieve the purpose of saving, it is often achieved by reducing the energy consumption of the machine. The power consumption of the single-column hydraulic press is mainly concentrated in the oil pump of the hydraulic system, and its power consumption can account for more than 97% of the total, so the oil pump is the key.

When the single-column hydraulic press is in different motion stages, its pressure, flow and other parameters will change, so that the oil volume will change, then the relief valve at the oil pump outlet must adjust these parameters. But for the motor, its output power is not moving, so it will cause a waste of energy. Therefore, according to the situation described above, there is a hydraulic energy-saving frequency conversion speed regulating device, and the above problems can be solved by using this device.


1. It can greatly reduce energy consumption, it can replace the traditional proportional valve speed regulation method, and can save 20%-60% of oil pump energy;

2. It can improve the production process, meet the process requirements of the single-column hydraulic press, and also reduce the oil temperature of the system, thereby extending the service time of the components;

3. It is easy to operate, and the operation is safe and reliable;

4. It can realize soft start, so as to avoid the impact of electric energy on the equipment;

5. It can convert between power frequency and variable frequency, and has fast dynamic response, which can adapt to the sudden speed increase needs of hydraulic presses.

It should be noted that factors such as environment, voltage and load should also be considered when using it, and the power line and control line should be routed separately and should not be mixed together, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. This article comes from the hydraulic manufacturer WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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