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Hydraulic bending machine reconstruction plan and its solution to valve block failure

by:WORLD     2022-08-12

Do you know what ideas and specific plans the hydraulic bending machine manufacturers have for their transformation? What solutions do the manufacturers have when the hydraulic bending machine valve block fails? The following world press machine will introduce to you.

Hydraulic bending machine transformation:

First of all, the bending machine manufacturer will introduce the contents of CNC transformation. One is to transform the original CNC equipment into CNC equipment; one is to upgrade the CNC technology used in the equipment; the other is to first Equipment is remanufactured and then CNC technology is incorporated into its systems.

Due to the relatively late start of CNC in my country, it is common to transform ordinary equipment into CNC equipment, such as the emergence of CNC bending machines. Not only is the function of the equipment itself more powerful, but also the added value of the products produced using CNC equipment is greater. It is with these achievements that the NC process can be actively promoted.

According to the analysis of the bending machine manufacturer, the upgrading of the original CNC equipment is not the same as the above, mainly because the original machine has a high value and a good mechanical foundation, but due to the aging of the CNC system, the lack of spare parts support, and the high electrical maintenance cost The problem is not solved and cannot be popularized.

Once the system is upgraded, the above-mentioned problems are solved, so that the usable value of the equipment can be realized. For this type of equipment, the higher the original value, the larger the volume, and the higher the technical content, the more necessary the system transformation is.

The latter case is quite different. The main body of the original equipment is basically retained, but there is a relatively large improvement or improvement in the structure, so that its function can be perfected and can be used in higher-precision machining processes.

The solution to the failure of the hydraulic bending machine valve group:

The reversing valve of the hydraulic press brake cannot be reversed or the reversing action is slow, which is generally caused by poor lubrication, stuck or damaged springs, oil stains or impurities stuck in the sliding parts, etc. Before checking the circuit fault, the manual knob of the reversing valve should be rolled a few times to see if the reversing valve can be reversed normally under the rated air pressure. If it can be reversed normally, the circuit is faulty. During inspection, the voltage of the electromagnetic coil can be measured by the instrument to see if the rated voltage has been reached. If the voltage is too low, the power supply in the control circuit and the associated travel switch circuit should be further checked.

The faults of the hydraulic system of the bending machine are: the valve cannot be reversed or the reversing action is slow, leakage, and the electromagnetic pilot valve is faulty. If the reversing valve cannot be commutated normally under the rated voltage, check whether the connector (plug) of the solenoid coil is loose or not in solid contact. For the first three cases, the sludge and impurities on the pilot valve and the flowing iron core should be cleaned.

If the inlet and exhaust holes of the electromagnetic pilot valve are blocked by sludge and other debris, the blockade is not strict, the flowing iron core is stuck, and the circuit is faulty, etc., all of which can cause the reversing valve to fail to change direction normally. In this regard, you should first check whether the lubricator works normally; whether the viscosity of the lubricating oil is appropriate.

The above is the introduction of the hydraulic bending machine transformation plan and the solution to the valve block failure. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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