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Hydraulic bending machine operation steps and daily maintenance

by:WORLD     2022-08-13

The hydraulic press brake adopts electromagnetic force clamping, so that the pressing plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, and can process workpieces with side walls. The following world press machine will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of hydraulic press brakes.

Hydraulic bending machine operation steps:

1. The first is to turn on the power, turn on the key switch on the control panel, and then press the oil pump to start, so that you can hear the rotation of the oil pump.

2. Stroke adjustment, the use of the bending machine needs to pay attention to the adjustment of the stroke, and it must be tested before bending. When the upper die of the bending machine goes down to the bottom, a gap of plate thickness must be ensured. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the mold and the machine. The adjustment of the stroke also has electric quick adjustment and manual gastric adjustment.

3. Bending notch selection, generally choose a notch with a width of 8 times the thickness of the plate. For bending 4mm sheet, you need to choose a notch of about 32.

4. There are generally electric quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment for back gauge adjustment, the method is the same as that of the shearing machine.

5. Step on the foot switch to start bending. The bending machine is different from the shearing machine. It can be released at any time. When the foot is released, the bending machine stops and continues to descend.

Daily maintenance of bending machine:

1. Daily maintenance is divided into pre-shift and post-shift maintenance

1. Maintenance before shift: (1) Lubricate the bending machine according to the lubrication plate of the machine. (2) Check whether the limit switch is sensitive and intact. Check whether the various mechanisms and operating parts of the safety guard fasteners are in good condition.

2. Maintenance after class: (1) Cut off all power. Parts and tools are returned to their original positions. Sweep and clean the machine to remove debris and clean the work area.

2. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is divided into appearance maintenance, upper slider maintenance, hydraulic lubrication and electrical maintenance.

1. Appearance maintenance: Scrub the machine to ensure that there is no oil, no dirt, and no debris.

2. Maintenance of the upper slider (1) Check whether the parallelism between the upper slider and the worktable is normal. If there is any deviation, it needs to be adjusted. (2) Scrub the guide rails, screw rods and sliding surfaces to keep them clean.

3. Hydraulic lubrication maintenance (1) Check and clean the oil pump, oil cylinder, piston, filter screen and valve group. If there is a puncture, it should be trimmed. (2) Replace the damaged parts, keep the oil circuit unblocked, and clear the block if there is any blockage. (3) Check the pressure gauge, if the pressure is wrong, it needs to be replaced.

4. Electrical maintenance

1. The motor and electrical box should be cleaned and properly lubricated.

2. Overhaul the control system and lines so that they can work normally and not work with illness.

The operation steps and maintenance methods of the bending machine are introduced above. It is hoped that the user will maintain the bending machine by himself.

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