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How to use the servo coil feeder ?


The coil feeder is a common piece of equipment in modern industry, it is is indispensable for light industry and heavy industry. With the development of the times, there are more and more types of coil feeder. In this article, we would like to introduce the servo coil feeder, where basic information about the servo coil feeder will be highlighted.
What's the servo coil feeder?
The servo coil feeder is an intelligent coil feeder that combines digital, mechanical and pneumatic automationand occupies a key position in the high-end stamping industry. In terms of operation, the servo coil feeder features three manual speeds that can be entered as appropriate, making it easier for the user to operate and precisely position the material into the die. As a result, the servo feeder is more convenient and easier to operate than other mechanical feeders in terms of adjustment and control.

How to use the servo coil feeder effectively?
-Ensuring the best die clearanceThe optimum die clearance for servo coil feeders is the sum of the clearance between the punch and the lower die. It is dependent on the plate thickness, the material and the stamping process. The greater the clearance of the servo coil feeder, the greater the angle between the fracture surface and the shiny surface, resulting in rolled edges and fractures, or even a thin edge protrusion .
Timely sharpening
Timely sharpening extends the life of the servo coil feeder. If there are excessive burrs on the workpiece or unusual noise during punching, the die may be.dull. Practice has shown that sharpening frequently and in small quantities, rather than when it is essential, not only maintains good workpiece quality and reduces punching forces, but also more than doubles the life of the tool.These are the considerations for the use of servo coil feeders. In addition, by checking the condition of the press scrap, you can determine whether the die clearance of the servo coil feeder is appropriate. If the gap is too large, the scrap will have a rough undulating fracture surface and a small bright surface.

What are the equipment characteristics of the servo coil feeder?
In contrast to conventional coil feeders, the servo coil feeder has an individual manual mode. This means that the servo coil feeder can be fed with three manual speeds to suit, making it easier for the user to operate and precisely position the material into the mould. In addition, the servo coil feeder has been designed for the coming high-tech industry and is controlled by a computerised closed circuit feedback system to ensure accuracy to within ±0.03mm.
These are the full descriptions of the coil feeder. As a result of the above information, you can say that you have a better understanding of our company's coil feeders. For any product, our company has strict quality control. With over 65 years of professional experience and strong production capacity, we believe that the world brand of metal forming machines will provide better service to the international stamping industry. If you need more information about our coi feeders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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