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How to solve the problem when the hydraulic press shakes

by:WORLD     2022-09-19
Due to its own tonnage, the hydraulic press will not shake during use, so when it encounters shaking, it should stop working immediately, check the cause, and remember not to be careless. Let's follow WORLD Press Machine Shanghai WORLD Press Machine to learn about the reasons and solutions for the sudden shaking of the hydraulic press!

Phenomenon 1: During the work project, the load is suddenly lost

This phenomenon is due to the sudden reduction of material fracture deformation resistance when the hydraulic press is performing blanking, punching, trimming and other processes, which will cause shock and vibration of the moving beam, frame and pipeline.

Phenomenon 2, sudden return after pressurization

After the hydraulic press is pressurized, due to the elastic compression of the working cylinder liquid under pressure, a certain amount of energy is stored. During the return process, the unloading pressure is faster, and this part of the energy is suddenly released, which will also cause shock and vibration.

Phenomenon 3: The sliding beam suddenly stops moving and the pipeline valve suddenly opens or closes

When the motion of the sliding beam stops suddenly, shock vibration will be caused due to the inertia of the frame. When the pipeline valve is suddenly closed, the inertia of the liquid flowing in the pipeline will also cause shock vibration. When the pipeline valve is suddenly opened, due to the sudden flow of the liquid and the rapid change of the speed, the shock vibration will also be caused.

In summary, the operation and use of hydraulic presses must develop good habits, be good at maintenance, and give full play to the maximum effect of hydraulic equipment.

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