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How to solve the problem of high noise of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-28
It is well known that when a hydraulic press is working to suppress a product, noise will be generated at the moment of collision. If people work in the noisy noise of the machine for a long time, it will inevitably affect people's hearing in the long run. For this reason, hydraulic press research and development manufacturers have been trying to find ways to reduce the noise of the machine and minimize the damage to workers without reducing the efficiency of the hydraulic press. Let's take a look at the suggestions given by the Shanghai WORLD Press Machine of the hydraulic press manufacturer:

1. Reduce the noise of the sound source, choose the motor drive

1. Transform the production process and select low-noise hydraulic presses.

2. Improve the precision of machining and assembly to reduce the noise caused by mechanical vibration and conflict.

3. For high-pressure and high-speed airflow, the pressure difference and flow rate should be reduced, or the shape of the airflow nozzle should be changed.

2. Control during transmission

1. Reasonable design in the overall layout. When arranging the plane design of factories and mines, the main noise source workshops or equipment should be kept away from workshops, laboratories, offices, etc. that require quietness, or high-noise equipment should be concentrated as much as possible to facilitate control.

2. Use additional barriers to prevent noise transmission, or use natural terrain such as hills, soil slopes, woods, grass, or huge buildings or additional structures that are not afraid of noise.

3. Use the directional characteristics of the sound source to control the noise, such as the high-pressure boiler exhaust, blast furnace exhaust, oxygen generator exhaust and other exhaust outlets facing the field or sky to reduce the impact on the environment.

Third, the protection of hydraulic press operators

1. Personal protection for workers, such as wearing earplugs, earmuffs, helmets and other anti-noise products.

2. Adopt worker rotation to shorten the working time of workers entering a high-noise environment.

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