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How to solve the overload problem of CNC hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-15
During the working process of the CNC hydraulic press, it is inevitable that the phenomenon of excessive pressure will occur. A series of conditions caused by excessive pressure are called the hydraulic press overload phenomenon. But we can't clearly know that this situation will happen, or let it happen, so at the beginning of designing the hydraulic press, in order to reduce the damage of this problem, we will set up a hydraulic overload protection system. The hydraulic overload protection system of the CNC hydraulic press has been replaced by many generations. The old-fashioned overload protection device in the mechanical hydraulic press, such as the crushing block type, is gradually eliminated because it cannot accurately transmit and protect the machine tool, and it is more troublesome to replace. Instead, it is a hydraulic overload protection system with quick unloading and quick recovery. When the die height is adjusted improperly or double material occurs, the press will be overloaded. At this time, the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder rises, the pressure in the high pressure chamber of the unloading valve is greater than the back pressure in the back pressure chamber, and the piston is pushed down to open the oil return port, and the hydraulic oil is drained back to the oil tank. Under the action of the balancer, the slider moves up 20mm to protect the press and mold from damage; at the same time, the pressure relay and the travel switch act to cut off the clutch control circuit, and the press stops; the solenoid valve closes the air source and accelerates the discharge and unloading The valve back pressure chamber air, the 'normal' indicator light is off, the 'unloading' indicator light is on, and the press cannot be started. Although there is a protection system for the pressure overload phenomenon of the CNC hydraulic press, if it is larger than this protection range, the damage to the CNC hydraulic press is quite large, so we should operate according to the specifications when using the CNC hydraulic press at ordinary times to ensure that the hydraulic press can work normally.

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