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How to Solve Scratches on Single Column Hydraulic Oil Cylinders

by:WORLD     2022-09-29
When the hydraulic cylinder of the single-column hydraulic press is scratched, the material chips extruded from the scratched groove will be embedded in the sealing ring, which will damage the working part of the sealing ring during operation, which may cause new damage. Scratches on the hydraulic cylinder will cause the surface roughness of the inner wall of the cylinder to deteriorate, the frictional force increases, and crawling is prone to occur; it will cause internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder and reduce the operating efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder.

1. Foreign matter mixed into the single-arm hydraulic press will cause scratches.

Before assembly, all parts must be fully deburred and cleaned; when parts are installed with burrs or dust, due to the weight of the parts, it is easy to embed them into the surface of the cylinder wall, causing scratches.

Second, the scars on the installation part of the single-arm hydraulic press.

When installing the hydraulic cylinder of the single-arm hydraulic press, the piston, cylinder head and other parts are of high quality, large in size and large in inertia. Even if there is a lifting device with auxiliary devices, the specified clearance is very small. When the boss touches the inner surface of the hydraulic cylinder, it is easy to cause scarring. The solution to this problem is to use assembly-oriented tooling to install high-volume, small-scale products, and only careful handling can avoid scratching the hydraulic cylinder.

3. Damage caused by the contact of the measuring instrument of the single-column hydraulic press.

The measuring contact is inserted into the bore wall of the cylinder by friction, and the measuring contact is mostly made of wear-resistant carbide with high hardness. Generally speaking, small scratches that cause small depths during the measurement process are small and will not affect the running accuracy; however, if the measurement head is not properly sized, the measurement contacts will hardly be buried, which will lead to more serious scratches. The solution to this problem is to first measure the length of the adjusted measuring head. Also, use paper tape that is punched only at the measurement location and stick it to the inner surface of the cylindrical wall, i.e., scratches of the above shape will not occur.

Minor scratches from measurements can usually be wiped off with the back of an old emery cloth or horse manure paper. In the structure combining the hydraulic cylinder and the upper beam of the single-column hydraulic press, the bottom of the cylinder is usually made into a hemisphere, and the thickness of the bottom of the cylinder is equal to the thickness of the cylinder wall, that is, 1.2 to 1.3 times the wall thickness.

The above are the reasons and solutions for the scratches on the hydraulic cylinder of the single-column hydraulic press summarized by WORLD Press Machine. I hope to help you.

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