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How to replace hydraulic oil in hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-18

During the use of hydraulic oil, due to mechanical, physical and chemical effects, it always deteriorates quickly or slowly. When the quality of the working medium decreases to the point that it does not meet the index requirements, it must be replaced in time. Once the hydraulic oil is produced, it will gradually deteriorate. During the long-term storage process, the particulate pollutants in the oil have a tendency to agglomerate into groups. Hydraulic presses can also agglomerate in tiny particles if they are subjected to vibration during transportation. After adding the hydraulic system to work, the fission speed will be greatly accelerated. Taking mineral oil type hydraulic oil as an example, more than 96% of the components are carbon and hydrogen compounds - hydrocarbons, and the rest are sulfur, nitrogen and ash. Various additives such as anti-oxidation, anti-wear, anti-rust, defoaming, and pour point depressant are also added as required. During use, due to external reasons such as air, moisture, impurities, heat, light, and mechanical agitation, the chemical composition and additive properties of the single-column hydraulic press and hydraulic oil will cause various physical and chemical changes. The hydraulic oil is gradually aging and deteriorating.

There are three ways to determine the oil change period:

1) Regular visual inspection, maintenance staff to sample and observe regularly, or make a simple analysis to decide whether to change the oil, also rely on personal experience, and the basis is insufficient.

2) Change the oil on schedule. This is the most commonly used method in factories. However, it is divorced from the actual situation of the aging and deterioration of hydraulic oil in use, and does not consider the actual working conditions such as frequent use of hydraulic presses, so it is biased towards experience and not scientific enough.

3) Delineate the oil change index, and determine whether to change the oil according to the test results of the oil sample, which is the most scientific and reasonable method. However, a uniform oil change index has not yet been specified.

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