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How to regularly check the fault of the hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-08-31
Regular safety inspections are an effective way to reduce hydraulic machine failures and avoid machine damage and personal injury accidents. It is the equipment management system that the subscriber unit should form. Regular safety inspections of hydraulic presses are mainly based on equipment managers and maintenance personnel of user units, supplemented by operators. At least once a year.

The main components, hydraulic and pneumatic lubrication systems, electrical equipment, safety protection devices, etc., should be thoroughly inspected according to the characteristics of the hydraulic press. Targeted special exclusion of possible insecurities. For example, check indicator equipment, such as calibrating pressure gauges, and replace seal components in hydraulic components that need to be replaced. Check the hydraulic and electrical system overload protection devices of the hydraulic press, check the operation control and emergency stop devices of the electrical system, restore their original performance, and replace limit switches and other components if necessary. Check the connecting wires of electrical equipment, grounding protection devices, to prevent loose connectors, loose components, insulation damage and aging. Check the integrity of safety guards such as guardrails, guards, etc. The problems found in the regular safety inspection of the hydraulic press must be repaired in time according to the instructions to ensure the safety of the hydraulic press.

When the surface of the hydraulic cylinder part of the hydraulic press moves relative to the hydraulic oil, the gas dissolved in the hydraulic oil tends to precipitate and form bubbles. These bubbles burst after flowing into the high-pressure area, and the instantaneous high-temperature and high-pressure micro-spray and impact force repeatedly act on the surface of the hydraulic cylinder components of the four-column hydraulic press, resulting in cavitation on the surface of the air pockets. The cavitation conditions of the hydraulic cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press are related to the structure of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder components of the four-column hydraulic press, the quality of the hydraulic oil, maintenance and repair.

A hydraulic press is a device for press working using hydraulic drive technology and can be used to perform various forging and press forming processes. For example, forging steel, forming of metal structural parts, pressing of plastic products and rubber products. Hydraulic press is one of the earliest machines to apply hydraulic transmission. At present, hydraulic transmission has become the main transmission form of pressure processing machinery. Hydraulic presses have become important equipment in heavy machinery manufacturing, aerospace, plastics and non-ferrous metal processing industries.

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