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How to rationally use the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-01
I believe that everyone will use the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic press, but when it comes to the problem of rational use, I think I still have to introduce to you how to use the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic press reasonably.

1. Strictly sealed

Pay attention to the good sealing of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system using hydraulic oil must be strictly sealed to prevent leakage and various external pollutants from mixing.

2. Pay attention to cleaning

The system should also be cleaned before changing the oil. The hydraulic system must be cleaned before using the hydraulic oil for a new time. When replacing the same type of hydraulic oil, it should also be washed 1-2 times with the new hydraulic oil.

3. Regular inspection and replacement

Change the hydraulic oil in time according to the oil change index. The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic press should be regularly sampled and tested. Once the physical and chemical indicators in the oil reach the oil change index, the oil should be changed.

4. Don't mix

Hydraulic oil cannot be mixed at will. If it has been determined to select a certain grade of hydraulic oil, it must be used alone. Without the consent of the hydraulic equipment manufacturer and without scientific basis, it cannot be mixed with hydraulic oil of different viscosity grades, or hydraulic oil of the same viscosity grade but not from the same manufacturer, let alone mixed with other types of oil.

What are the hazards of hydraulic oil pollution:

When the hydraulic oil is seriously polluted, it directly affects the working performance of the hydraulic system, causing the hydraulic pump to fail frequently and shortening the life of the hydraulic components. The main contributor to these hazards is the particles in the dirt. For hydraulic components, since these solid particles enter the components, the sliding parts of the components will be worn more and may block the throttle holes and damping holes in the hydraulic components, causing the valve core to be stuck, resulting in failure of the hydraulic system. The mixing of water and air reduces the lubricating ability of the hydraulic oil and accelerates its oxidation and deterioration, resulting in cavitation, accelerated corrosion of hydraulic components, and vibration and crawling of the hydraulic system.

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