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How to prevent the hydraulic oil temperature of the four-column hydraulic press from being too high

by:WORLD     2022-09-28
The 1.200-ton four-column hydraulic press uses hydraulic oil with suitable viscosity, and the viscosity recommended by the equipment manufacturer has proved to be the best. Using Arino with high viscosity, especially in areas with relatively low ambient temperature, will cause an increase in flow friction and generation of overheating.

2. If there is a hose in the system, it should be clamped and positioned securely. Changing a hose too close to a hot spot can cause the hose to overheat, causing the fluid to pass through it to overheat, so avoid using a hose that's undersized and make sure the hose doesn't have sharp bends. , which also increases the friction of the oil flow, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the oil.

3. When the pump, hydraulic cylinder and other hydraulic components are worn out, they should be replaced in time. Because the worn components will cause an increase in leakage, the pump will output full flow for a long time, and the oil will cause a large pressure drop through the narrow leakage gap, and the increase in the time of full flow output will also increase The time at which the frictional force of the fluid is created, therefore, increases the temperature of the oil.

4. Keep the outside and inside of the hydraulic system clean. Contaminants outside the system play a role in isolating and hindering normal oil cooling. Contaminants inside the system will cause wear and lead to oil leakage. The occurrence of both conditions will cause the generation of heat.

The 5.80-ton four-column hydraulic press often checks the oil level of the oil tank. If the oil level is too low, the system will not have enough oil to take away heat.

6. Replace the filter element regularly to avoid filter blockage.

7. The high back pressure of the oil return is also one of the reasons for the high back pressure. The reasons for the increased back pressure should be checked and eliminated.

8. Regularly check the cooler and descale the cooler regularly.

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