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How to prevent hydraulic oil pollution when using single-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-02
How to prevent hydraulic oil pollution when using single-column hydraulic press

How to prevent hydraulic oil pollution in daily use?

(1) Prevent air from mixing into the system and discharge the air mixed into the system in time. Air entering the hydraulic system will cause adverse consequences such as noise and oxidative deterioration of the oil. Measures must be taken to prevent the air from entering the system, and the air mixed into the system must be discharged frequently.

(2) Always keep the oil clean. Impurities mixed in the oil will cause the spool valve to get stuck, block the throttling holes or gaps, make the hydraulic components unable to work normally, and aggravate the wear of the relative moving parts. In addition to installing an oil filter and various devices to prevent external impurities from entering the system, it is also necessary to regularly clean the oil filter and replace the old oil. When assembling the hydraulic system, clean all hydraulic components and pipes. After the test run, it is best to disassemble the components and pipes, clean them carefully, and then install them.

(3) To prevent leakage. External leakage is not allowed, internal leakage is unavoidable, but its leakage cannot exceed the allowable value. If there is too much leakage, the pressure will not rise, and the hydraulic motor cannot achieve the expected force (or torque). And the size of the oil leakage is related to the pressure level, which will make the movement of the working parts unstable. In addition, due to excessive leakage, the volume loss increases and the oil temperature rises. In order to avoid excessive leakage, there should be appropriate clearances between the relatively moving parts and appropriate sealing devices should be installed.

(4) To prevent the oil temperature from being too high. Generally, the oil temperature of the hydraulic system should be kept at 15-50℃. Excessive oil temperature will bring a series of adverse consequences.

The manufacturer of WORLD Press Machine reminds users: the rise of oil temperature will make the oil thinner, the leakage will increase, and the system efficiency will decrease. The oil works at a higher temperature and is easy to deteriorate. To avoid high oil temperature, in addition to taking measures to avoid oil heating in the design, it is also necessary to consider whether the oil tank has sufficient heat dissipation capacity. When necessary, cooling devices can be added. WORLD Press Machine official website, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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