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How to operate sheet metal cutting hydraulic shearing machine ?


QC12Y-6X2500mm swing beam shearing machine operation instruction

Step 1:Loosen the bolts on the top fuel tank, open the lid of the fuel tank, and fill it with 46# hydraulic oil. Fix the tank lid after full filling the hydraulic oil. 

Step 2:Connect the electric power input three-phase wires to the electric cabinet terminals (L1 L2 L3). Push the switch upwards to turn on the power. 

Step 3:Turn on the key switch, Screw to release the emergency stop buttons (the first emergency stop button is o the 21 sytem pane, ndh soco touto is ot o pead,strthe il pump, press the green RUN button, then step on the pedal, and release it by foot. 

Step 4:Adjus the blae gap by the hand-ele. There is aponthole on the wee with aruer.Tepointoginaposition drectig to the rue s o ou an u ifern thicnes sheet mtals. For examle, to ut a m hickes of sheet metal lalt, you can rotate tepointposion to .1, terati is 10. o ut mm thikness of het metal pae, you can set the pontpostionto 0.2. And so on. 

Step 5:Set the cutting width. Press the DOWN arrow on the E21 system control panel, move the cursor to the "P"position, enter a target size such as "28, press the green arrow and the greer run key, then we can see that the back gauge is moving backwards to 280. And the target value on the E21 system has become to 280, then step on the foot switch.

Step 6:Sthe acualx axisposition. Press the red button o modify the curent vle, modify the position o the axis, pres te "ey wice, enter the password 121, and then preste greer arrow to confirm, and then you can see the X axis reaching 280. Measure the actual X axis distance. Insert the measured distance here. If the measuremet i 0 athistime, insert 300, press the green arrow to confirm, and then press the "P" arrow 2 times to return. At this time, we see that the "X" value has become 300. 

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