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How to maintenance the press coil feeder ?


In recent years, due to the increasing wages of workers, many enterprises have experienced difficulties in recruiting workers, which has forced them to update and renovate their equipment and increase the degree of automation of their equipment so as to reduce labour costs. In response to such social demands, different types of feeders have been invented. The use of feeders not only reduces labour costs, but also helps companies to improve their efficiency. In this article we will give a brief analysis of the press coil feeder, which will be described in detail in this article.

What's the press coil feeder ?
The press coil feeder is a machine that transports material in motion by applying force to the material through the movement of the machine. press coil feeder is a machine that works by means of a hydraulic oil bath. It is mainly used for the automatic feeding of various machines that process materials in a continuous cycle, thus increasing the efficiency and automation of the machineAll in all, the press coil feeder is easy to operate, stable, low-noise, wear-free and trouble-free, and it helps you to achieve good productivity.

How to maintain the press coil feeder?
When using the press coil feeder, we need to regularly check the gear section of the rollers, grease the gears and replace the gear oil. Is there any dirt between the rollers and foreign objects between the gears? The screws and nuts that hold the tissues together are not loose. At the same time, we recommend that the work every 6 months or 1000 hours of use should be implemented this check whether the external wiring is deformed, damaged, leaking or short-circuited to avoid equipment failure situation.

The related precautions for using the press coil feeder .

Check before starting the machine

Before using the feeder you must check the power connection line, control line and power supply. No undervoltage, lack of phase, frequency discrepancy.
Safety precautions

When the feeder is in operation, the operator must not leave the machine for more than two metres. When there is a setting error or the machine'?performance is unstable, the machine should be switched off immediately. In addition, do not touch any switches or buttons when wet and do not operate the control panel if there is oil on your hands. It is worth noting that in the event of a feeder failure, the power should be cut off immediately and the machine should not be operated or handled without permission.

All the information above is about the coil feeder. With the above information, have you learned more about our coil feeder? For any product, our company has a strict quality control. We can recommend the most suitable coil feeder system for our customers based on detailed information about the coil, such as.the weight of the coil, the thickness and width of the sheet and the working speed of the automatic press line. Please contact us if you would like more information about our coil feeder.

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