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How to maintain the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-29
The hydraulic oil of the newly purchased hydraulic press should be replaced once every 100 hours of operation. Because in the newly installed hydraulic components and pipes, there are still uncleaned casting sand, dust particles, oxide scale and iron filings and other contaminants. After the hydraulic system works for a period of time, after being washed and vibrated by the pressure oil, it will fall off into the oil return filter or the oil tank, so the oil in the oil tank should be released, and the oil tank should be thoroughly flushed with kerosene. After that, the hydraulic system should be cleaned every 1000h of operation. If the oil is seriously polluted, the pipeline should be removed and cleaned; if the oil has not deteriorated, it can continue to be used after filtering. In addition, the filter element of the return oil filter should also be replaced in time.

1. The oil level in the hydraulic oil tank should be kept within the specified range. If the oil level is too low, the hydraulic equipment will lose control or make noise. Therefore, the hydraulic equipment should always observe the oil level in the oil tank during operation. When the oil level is lower than the specified height, new oil should be added in time. The new oil added must be of the same grade as the original oil. Oils with different grades will have chemical reactions, which will accelerate the quality change of the oil, and cause the seals to age and deteriorate, resulting in internal and external leakage of the hydraulic system. Therefore, it is necessary to know the grade of hydraulic oil used in the newly purchased hydraulic machinery, and there should be a certain amount of reserves.

2. During the working process of hydraulic machinery, the oil circuit should be checked frequently for leakage. The seals in the hydraulic system are vulnerable parts, and should be replaced in time if oil leakage is found. The specifications of the seals are not correct and cannot be used reluctantly. Therefore, seals of the same specification should have at least twice the number of spare parts.

3. If the hydraulic equipment is produced in three shifts, it is recommended to install a cooler in the oil return system when the oil temperature exceeds 60 °C to ensure that the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is below 60 °C.

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