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How to install and debug hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-01
For regular hydraulic press manufacturers, the hydraulic press must be installed and debugged after production. So how to debug the hydraulic press? I guess everyone wants to know. Let's follow the Shanghai WORLD Press Machine to find out how the hydraulic press is debugged and installed.

In the first stage of the installation of the hydraulic press, the installation foundation should be prepared in advance before the hydraulic press is installed, and the concrete foundation is generally used. The body of the hydraulic machine is fixed with bolts, so bolt holes should be reserved when the concrete foundation is made, and then poured and fixed after the hydraulic machine is installed. For the installation of other components of the hydraulic press, refer to the component assembly drawing, and install it according to the matching requirements given in the drawing.

In the second stage of the commissioning of the hydraulic press, after all the installation work of the hydraulic press is completed, on-site commissioning must be carried out. Press the start button to see if the hydraulic press can complete the actions of each working condition in sequence. During the debugging process, check whether the hydraulic press hardware or control system is working normally by watching, listening, etc. In addition, check whether all control buttons and pressure gauges work properly. After debugging for a period of time, if the operation is normal, the hydraulic press can be officially delivered for use.

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