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How to do test running of the press ?


How to do test running of the press ?

1. Turn on the air, check the air pressure of balance cylinder and clutch (there are air pressure gauges on the press back): should be around 0.5Mpa


2. Check all emergency stop buttons: should be loose (not press down)


3. Turn on the electric power

     4. Adjust the motor speed to lowest position: between 0-1 (if with optional inverter)

    5. Turn on the motor, turn motor running direction switch to Forward (positive), and adjust the motor speed to middle level (if with optional inverter)

6. Check the flywheel running direction: should be clockwise same as the arrow shows. If different, turn off motor and electric power, replace the input wires L1 L2 L3 positions.

7. Turn working mode switch to DISCONTINUOUS, turn stroke modes key to JOG (inches)

8. Run the press as inches mode several minutes (use two-hand-button)


9. Run the press, move the ram to top dead point (TDC), the crankshaft degree at 0 (or crankshaft clock at 12 o’clock), then turn stroke modes key to ZNC (single)

10. Use two-hand-button to run the press (keep pressing the two buttons till the crankshaft pass 135 degrees), check the ram whether stop at top dead point (0 degree/12 o’clock).


If press does not stop at TDC, back to use inches mode to move ram to TDC. Then use touch screen to reset the TDC. Following page: angle show 0 or 360, press the button TDC.

      11.Turn working mode switch to CONTINUOUS, turn stroke modes key to CONTINUOUS

12. Run the press as continuous for several minutes. Press down the emergency stop button to check whether the press stops. If press stops, loose the emergency stop button, use inches mode to run press back to TDC.


13. Run the press as continuous mode. Use hand to block the light curtain (if press has this option). Check the press stops or not. If press stops, use inches mode to run press back to TDC. If press does not stop, check the two light barriers must be face to face at same line.


14. Check the ram guide to see if any grease lubricates. Ensure lubrication settings correct or suitable.

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