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How to deal with the problem that the working top cylinder of the press does not return

by:WORLD     2022-10-01
After the previous press introduction, I believe we have a certain understanding of the press. The transmission system of the press consists of a power mechanism, a control mechanism, an actuator, an auxiliary mechanism and a working medium. Presses are used due to their own advantages. The following will become more and more popular, and the following will introduce the advantages of hydraulic presses.

The press has a strong heat dissipation function: the uneven heat dissipation performance is very important to the machine, the heat dissipation of the traditional oil press is very low, which usually indicates that the machine hangs due to excessive temperature during operation. The cooling system inside the press is powerful. The open area of ​​the radiator is twice that of conventional machines. Some of the better quality presses even double as conventional machines.

The press saves material and has high operating efficiency: The rationality of the hydraulic system in the hydraulic press can directly determine the non-uniformity of operating efficiency. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic press is very advanced, which can improve the operation efficiency and save the original data effectively. The planning of the traditional stamping machine is not very reasonable, the deterioration of the original data is very serious, the press can use the material reasonably, so that the work efficiency is more than doubled. The press improves the performance of the components: the press makes the components with very high performance and their stiffness and strength meet the national regulations. That is, the parts made by the press can withstand enough loads without collapsing. Many components manufactured by traditional processes cannot withstand too much load, so hydraulic presses can improve the performance of the components.

As we all know, due to some external factors, some failures will inevitably occur when the hydraulic press we repurchase is working. Let me explain to you, what to do if the top cylinder does not return when the hydraulic press is working? Specific inspection details for reference:

1. The return solenoid valve of the top cylinder is stuck or the plug is inflexible, and the coil is burned out.

Treatment method: Check whether the electromagnet is soft, whether the plug is loose, and whether the coil is damaged.

2. The plug used to discharge the cylinder rod cavity is stuck, or the plug controls the pilot relief valve pressure is too low.

Treatment method: Check whether the main valve core of the drain plug in the discharged cylinder rod cavity is stuck, remove the valve core, clean and install it, and check whether the plug relief valve is stuck or whether the adjustment pressure is too low.

3. The oil suction is stuck, check whether the spool is stuck.

4. If the hydraulic reversing valve of the top cylinder is blocked.

Treatment method: Unplug the solenoid valve head above the hydraulic reversing valve and close it manually for testing (using the method of poking the reversing valve spool with a thin rod). If unsuccessful, the directional valve can only be disassembled for thorough cleaning, which should be carefully cleaned with kerosene.

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