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How to deal with the failure of the hydraulic press produced by WORLD Press Machine

by:WORLD     2022-11-20
The quality of the hydraulic press made by the manufacturer of the WORLD Press Machine is very good, and as long as it is in normal operation, there should be no particularly serious problems. However, there will inevitably be some small problems during use. At this time, troubleshooting must be carried out in time. Find a dedicated person to deal with the corresponding problem. If there is a problem with the hydraulic press, it is likely that it will not be used for a long time, and there may even be certain safety hazards.

First, troubleshoot. When purchasing a hydraulic press, the hydraulic press manufacturer should inform the customer of some simple treatment methods, especially if the equipment cannot continue to operate or the motor problem must be solved in time. It is recommended to check whether the motor can operate normally, whether the indicator light can flash normally, etc. between each use. If there is a problem, consider whether there is an internal problem and pay attention to the investigation. Troubleshooting is really difficult, so it's more convenient to go straight to the after-sales service person and have the other party do an internal inspection. The WORLD Press Machine hydraulic press manufacturer has a dedicated after-sales team, providing 24-hour service to better solve problems for customers.

There will inevitably be some small problems during the use of hydraulic presses, especially when the wear is serious, which may directly affect the operation of the equipment, so it is also important to replace the internal parts regularly. It is recommended to cooperate with the hydraulic press manufacturer for long-term after-sales maintenance. Usually, if there is a problem within a certain time, someone will take care of it, but the cost of the replacement part may cost us to pay for it. Contact the other party and consult the price for easy maintenance.

In many industries, hydraulic presses are used frequently on a daily basis. Although such devices can be operated frequently, they are prone to failure and wear and tear of internal parts if not maintained well. Most customers buy multiple hydraulic presses at one time, use them more frequently, and may not pay much attention to the maintenance of daily hydraulic presses. In fact, the maintenance of hydraulic presses is not very difficult, as long as you can master the maintenance points, it is still very simple to ensure the effect of use.

Point 1, pay attention to daily cleaning: many hydraulic press failures are caused by some stains. Such stains may have been created during production, or some other surrounding material may have entered the hydraulic press. Some dust in the air can also affect the hydraulic press, so clean it after each use. Simple daily cleaning won't waste much time, so future maintenance will be easier, the wear and tear of the equipment will be greatly reduced, and you can save more money.

Point 2, check before use: the hydraulic press should be checked in advance every day when it is working, and when it is confirmed that there is no problem with the machine, it should be used when it is turned on. Also, hydraulic presses often have problems with electric motors. There may also be a production risk if it is not inspected before use. Timely maintenance is actually good maintenance if equipment fails.

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