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How to deal with the displacement problem of hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-25
How to deal with the displacement problem of hydraulic press

The abnormality of the hydraulic press is generally reflected in the following three aspects: the sensor, the amplifier unit and the system setting problem, so the protection process is divided into three processes.

1. Check the system settings: The display screen in the workstation shows that the stroke of the actuator is 10mm, and it should be 50mm under normal conditions, so the system needs to be considered. If there is a problem with the settings, the system needs to be reset. After resetting the actuator's travel to +50mm, it was sitting in the workstation and the displayed values ​​on the display board were still incorrect, so thought the repositioning system would fix the problem.

2. Check the sensor: Because the tension tester system is a closed-loop system, the system must be disconnected before judging which part of the system has problems. This cycle makes the system an open ring system. If the sensor signal is normal, disconnect the response signal of the sensor, after repeating several times, the response data of the sensor is measured as a linear change line, and the sensor is discriminated.

3. Check the amplifier unit: After solving the fault of the sensor, it is now necessary to check whether the amplifier unit is normal. Disconnect the output signal of the amplifier unit system first. Remove the output wiring, add a DC input signal to the amplifier unit through the workstation, and then measure the amplifier. After several repetitions, the output signal of the amplifier unit changes linearly, and it is judged whether the amplifier unit is normal. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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