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How to choose the right punch machine model ?


   There are many types of punch press, different models and different application range of punch press details vary greatly, so there are many factors to consider when choosing punch press, the most basic is the stamping parts of how much size and precision requirements.

    A.Small and medium-sized parts of the bending parts of polyester production, the selection of open mechanical press.

    B.In the production of medium - sized stamping parts using closed - form mechanical presses.

    C.Small batch production, the production of large thick plate stamping parts choose hydraulic press.

    Press press standard selected conclude that standard to follow the following principles: 

    1, the height of press, homework mesa length scales, slider, die hole size and so on all need to be able to handle satisfied mold correct device requirements, about crank press, the mould height should be one of the biggest in the press between height and minimum loading die height.The scale of the working table should be generally greater than 50-70mm (single side) of the mold base, so as to facilitate the device. The aperture of the backing plate should be larger than the projection scale of the workpiece or waste material, so that the scale of the leaking mold handle should be consistent with the scale of the mold handle hole.

    2, the press slider stroke should be satisfied that the workpiece can obtain the required scale on the height, and can be taken out from the mold smoothly after the end of the stamping process.For stretching parts, the stroke should be more than twice the height of the parts.

    3. The number of trips of the press should meet the demand of production rate.

    4. The nominal pressure of the press must be greater than the stamping technical force.However, for a long working process, it is not only necessary to satisfy the size of the technical force, but also necessary to consider and satisfy its load curve together.There are many types of punch press, their rigidity, precision, use are different, should be based on the nature of stamping technology, production batch, die size, precision and so on the correct selection.Usually the production of small and medium-sized larger parts to choose easy operation, high efficiency of the open crank press.But if produce laundromat such deep stretch piece, the best choice has the stretch hydraulic press that stretch mat.And the production of car cover is the best choice of the work surface of the large closed double - action press.

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