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How to choose the right hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-10-01
1. The common hydraulic presses can be divided into four-column hydraulic presses, single-column hydraulic presses, gantry hydraulic presses, horizontal hydraulic presses, etc., among which four-column hydraulic presses are the most widely used, followed by single-column hydraulic presses, gantry hydraulic presses, and horizontal hydraulic presses. Then when we purchase hydraulic presses, we choose suitable models according to our own workpiece shape and process requirements, combined with the characteristics of various fuselage structures, which can reduce unnecessary costs and be more conducive to the improvement of work accuracy and work efficiency. So the choice of stereotypes is particularly important. After determining the required tonnage of the working pressure of the oil cylinder, let's take a look at several technical indicators and parameters of the points of attention summarized by Shanghai hydraulic press manufacturers.

1. The advantages of the four-column hydraulic press have a wide range of applications, such as powder molding, injection molding, and metal stretching and crimping. The disadvantage is that it occupies a large area and requires high production, processing and assembly.

2. Opening size, the maximum opening size refers to the distance between the lower plane of the slider and the plane on the table when the cylinder returns to the end. The maximum opening size minus the cylinder stroke is the minimum opening size.

3. The cylinder stroke, the length of the cylinder stroke, directly determines the maximum and minimum opening size of the machine.

4. The working speed of the oil cylinder is directly related to the work efficiency and process requirements. The working speed of the oil cylinder can be divided into the fast down speed of the slider, the slow down speed and the return speed.

5. The height of the work surface from the ground, the height of the work surface from the ground is generally not special, and it is mostly used in 700 to 750.

6. Some special process requirements also include the lower top cylinder, the size and stroke of the lower top cylinder, the size and stroke of the push-pull cylinder, the special process of the oil cylinder work, the pressure maintenance delay return stroke, the pressure accuracy, the position accuracy, etc.

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