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How to choose hydraulic press and mechanical press ?


When our factory wants to produce a product.Life from then on this product needs the press, we will face the choice.Should I choose mechanical press or hydraulic press which one of these two kinds?Next I will introduce to you the difference between mechanical press  and hydraulic press, as well as the way to choose them.


Mechanical Press
Mechanical press is a forging and pressing machine driven by crank connecting rod or elbow lever mechanism, CAM mechanism and screw mechanism. It is used for pressure processing of materials. It is processed into parts by applying strong pressure to the blank parts to make them deform and break.Smooth work, high accuracy, good operating conditions, high productivity, easy to achieve mechanization, automation, suitable for working on the automatic line, widely used in automobiles, ships and other industrial machinery press.When the mechanical press is working (FIG. 2), the large pulley (which usually doubles as a flywheel) is driven by an electric motor through a triangular belt, and the crank slider mechanism is driven by a gear pair and a clutch to make the slider and punch go down in a straight line.When the forging work is completed, the slider will go up on its return journey, and the clutch will automatically disengage. At the same time, the brake on the crank shaft will be connected, so that the slider will stop near the upper dead center.
Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic press ,Hydraulic press is a kind of machine that USES hydrostatic pressure to process metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder and other products.It is often used in pressing process and pressing forming process, such as: forging, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, bending, flanging, sheet drawing, powder metallurgy, pressing and so on.The basic principle is that the oil pump transfers the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge valve block, and distributes the hydraulic oil to the upper or lower chamber of the cylinder through each one-way valve and overflow valve. Under the action of high pressure oil, the cylinder moves.Hydraulic press is the use of liquid to transfer pressure equipment.The hydraulic transmission system of the four-column hydraulic press is composed of power mechanism, control mechanism, actuator, auxiliary mechanism and working medium.Power mechanism usually adopts oil pump as power mechanism, which is generally integrated oil pump.In order to meet the requirements of actuator speed, choose one oil pump or more oil pumps.

          The difference between hydraulic and mechanical presses .


1,Mechanical presses have high speed.

2,Short nominal stroke of mechanical press.

3,The stroke of mechanical press cannot be adjusted .


1,The speed of the hydraulic press is relatively slow.

2,Hydraulic press can move at full stroke and pressure 

3,Hydraulic press stroke can be adjusted 

Fade In

If the slider travel requirements are particularly high can choose hydraulic press.Select mechanical presses with high speed requirements.For example, the production of a certain type of metal box, you can choose the hydraulic machine once drawn molding, can save the mold, save the process.Mechanical press can also be used for many times stamping forming, processing speed is very fast, high efficiency.Is the cost of the mold will increase accordingly.  

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