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How to check whether the return cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press is leaking

by:WORLD     2022-09-30
How to check whether the return cylinder of the four-column hydraulic press is leaking

1. Soap bubble detection method

The four-column hydraulic press can be used when the leakage is large or in operation. The four-column hydraulic press manufacturer uses a brush to measure the soapy water in the sealing link that may leak. Leak point of 104 mL atm/sec.

2. Filling SF6 leak detection method

It is suitable for newly installed or re-installed four-column hydraulic presses or small leaks that cannot be detected by soap bubbles during operation. One SF6 detector can quantitatively detect leaks and air leakage, and the other is to reflect the leakage concentration of SF6 The leak detector is used to calculate the annual leakage by detecting the concentration of SF6 in the enclosed space.

3. Vacuum monitoring method

For the four-column hydraulic press that is newly installed or reassembled after maintenance, the manufacturer of the four-column hydraulic press first vacuums the reloading device and the connecting pipe to 1 Torr, observes for 20 minutes and confirms that there is no leakage before using it. Open the valve on the equipment side, and vacuum the equipment to 1 Torr. Torr. Keep the vacuum level for 4 hours, if the vacuum level does not drop more than 1 Torr, the equipment is considered to be leak-free. This article is from the official website of the manufacturer WORLD Press Machine, please indicate the source for reprinting!

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