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How to avoid single-column hydraulic press failure

by:WORLD     2022-09-28
The single-arm hydraulic press is mainly produced by hydraulic pressure, and it may fail in use. If these failures occur, it will affect the work efficiency, and failures should be avoided. This article introduces how to avoid failures in the use of single-column hydraulic presses.

First of all, we must pay attention to the replacement of the hydraulic oil of the single-arm hydraulic press, which is the most important power source of the machine. If it is not replaced, it will affect the service life. Only after replacement can it ensure normal use. Secondly, regular inspection is required. After a long time of use, the single-arm hydraulic press will inevitably have problems. Only after inspection can the problem be found and the solution will be easy. It is necessary to pay attention to the comprehensive cleaning of the single-arm hydraulic press, because it is used in a poor environment and needs to be cleaned regularly; if it is not cleaned, the internal hydraulic press parts are easy to corrode, and they can be used better after cleaning.

The single-arm hydraulic press is manufactured by advanced welding technology. It can be used for special equipment for parts assembly, disassembly, stretching, bending, etc. It has been widely used in many machinery manufacturing enterprises.

For high-performance equipment such as a single-arm hydraulic press, the correct operation method is very important. If the operation is wrong, the equipment will be damaged, which will easily bring certain losses to the enterprise. At the same time, it may also affect the personal safety of the operator, so the operator must pay attention to the following correct operation steps.

1. Before operating the single-column hydraulic press equipment, the operator should check whether all parts and components of the equipment are abnormal, eliminate the external faults of the equipment, and avoid losses caused by equipment failures. If the equipment fails to be repaired, cut off the power supply at this time to ensure that all programs are stopped before repairing.

2. During the operation of the single-column hydraulic press, the operator is forbidden to touch or adjust the mold with his hands to avoid unnecessary personal injury. In order to ensure that the equipment is used within the capacity and load range of the equipment, it should not be overloaded, so as not to shorten the life of the equipment.

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