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How to adjust the precision of the four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-28
When the four-column hydraulic press is purchased, the accuracy of the hydraulic press must be adjusted before the equipment is operated, and it will operate accurately during the working process. So how to adjust the accuracy correctly?

First, before the adjustment of the four-column hydraulic press, loosen the four locking nuts on the upper beam. The dial indicator first checks the parallelism of the lower plane of the movable beam and the front and rear (left and right) of the upper plane of the worktable. If it does not meet the requirements, tighten or loosen the front (left) two adjusting nuts or the rear (right) two adjusting nuts under pressure.

Second, until the measurement adjustment meets the requirements. After the front and rear (left and right) parallelism meets the requirements, use the above method to measure and adjust the left and right (front and rear) parallelism. After the middle position meets the requirements, it should also be checked whether the parallelism of the two positions of the movable beam under the dagger meets the requirements. When it is found that the parallelism deviation of the upper and lower positions exceeds the requirements, and the direction of the measurement data is opposite, it should be considered to check the assembly condition and check whether the accuracy of the movable beam and other parts meets the requirements.

Third, after the parallelism inspection and adjustment of the four-column hydraulic press is completed, check whether the verticality of the movable beam meets the requirements. when the requirements are not met. The adjustment method is the same as the adjustment method of parallelism until it meets the requirements. Similarly, when it is found that there is a contradiction between the adjustment accuracy of the perpendicularity and the parallelism accuracy, and the values ​​are both greater than the specified value, the assembly quality and the single-piece quality of the movable beam and other parts should be checked.

The above is the knowledge of the correct adjustment accuracy of the four-column hydraulic press. Anyone who does not know how to adjust the accuracy of the four-column hydraulic press can contact us.

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