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How to adjust the metal strip feeder?


The sheet on the metal strip feeder is precisely and economically leveled and carefully transferred to downstream production steps, such as embossing or pressing-you can rely on Kohler's strip feeder lines for efficient workflows. We design your metal strip feeder line to suit your sheet processing tasks. Upon request, we can configure coil handling and coil machines, metal strip feeders, and processes for transfer to subsequent processing steps with or without pits.Outstanding references from various fields of sheet metal processing, the automotive supplier industry, stamping and fine drop technology, or productior specialists for round billets for casting are proof of our consulting and technical expertise.

This passage is going to talk about the following introductions of metal strip feeder: 

1) What is a metal strip feeder?
2) The new generation of metal strip feeder 
3) How to adjust the metal strip feeder?

1) What is a metal strip feeder?

The metal strip feeder is an automatic feeding machine that transports materials in motion by applying force to them with the help of machine movement.metal strip feeder is indispensable equipment for light and heavy industries.

The actual application of metal strip feeder shows that: the selection of a reasonable metal strip feeder AC servo system can meet the requirements of fast response time and high-speed accuracy of the control system, the actual application of position control accuracy of up to ±0.1mm and can avoid cumulative.errors. metal strip feeder control system It can be applied to the production of high-precision open-end series cold-formed steel products, especially products similar to shelf columns, i.e. cold-formedteel vertical and lateral cold-formed forming lines with high-precision requirements for holes in the online prepunched holes.

The metal strip feeder AC servo system can be applied to the cold-formed shelf production line to achieve high position control accuracy; and the online prepunching mode and hydraulic stop shear mode can be used independently, such as the production process of shelf beams without online pre-punching mode, etc.

2) The new generation of metal strip feeder

The metal strip feeder has a compact design -less floor space - modern drive concept - optimal leveling effect.

The metal strip feeder uses a new precision leveling machine, which no longer uses the usual drive gears to drive the leveling rollers. Instead, an energyefficient and sustainable drive concept is introduced, i.e. direct drive without cardan shafts. metal strip feeder's compact machine design convinces with a smaller footprint and a 20% reduction in floor space. The internal areas are designed for easy access to the drive motors.

The modular design of the metal strip feeder and the optional equipment provides maximum flexibility for your application.

The latest generation of metal strip feeder lines to level strips for stamped parts. You can find out more about this in our user report. For features and information about our products, please refer to the product detail page.

3) How to adjust the metal strip feeder?

How to adjust the metal strip feeder? The relaxation device can be adjusted by rotating and scribing according to the position of the guide tip in the mold. The feeding length is adjusted by the eccentricity of the crankshaft (also by the block gauge). The lubrication system adopts an automatic circulation oiling system for the transmission gear, fixed seat transmission device, and other bearing parts are mandatory circulation oiling to reduce the wear of each part and prolong its life and can work under high temperature for a long time.

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