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How to adjust the cartridge valve of the four-column hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-28
1. When the four-column hydraulic press operates the cartridge valve, first turn on the loading speed indicator device, and quickly turn the regulator to a suitable position to keep the indicator plate at a certain speed. For example, on the 3000KN range, the loading speed of 50kn should be adjusted to 1r /min, and if the loading speed of 12.5kn/s is used at 1500kn, it should be adjusted to 0.5r/min. The speed is measured by a stopwatch, and the knob of the valve circuit will remain unchanged after adjusting.

2. In order to make the oil output from the oil pump enter the oil cylinder quickly, raise the piston quickly to reduce the auxiliary time, and the cartridge valve or the straight-through valve of the hydraulic press can be opened larger. When the specimen starts to be loaded, attention should be paid to the rotation of the operating valve. , According to the pressure test loading speed adjustment, that is, the movement of the pointer and the indicator plate should be kept in sync, especially when it is close to the crushing tonnage, it should be strictly synchronized, and the loading load should not be lower than the normal value, so as not to affect the accuracy of actual use.

3. After the test piece is broken, slowly unscrew the rotation of the valve circuit, so that the oil in the oil cylinder returns to the inside of the oil tank. At this time, the pendulum slowly falls and the hydraulic pointer returns to the zero position. However, it should be noted that it is not necessary to discharge all the hydraulic oil inside the cylinder. The working piston rod falls too low, as long as it can accommodate a test piece and install it smoothly. After the next pressure test, close the oil return valve and the working piston rises. Keep the original speed, and close the valve after the debugging of the four-column hydraulic press is completed.

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