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How often to replace the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press

by:WORLD     2022-09-03
The first time to replace the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press is after half a year of use, and once a year in the future, and it can be postponed if the frequency of use is not high. The oil change period of ordinary hydraulic oil is recommended to be one year, and the recommended oil change period of synthetic hydraulic oil is three years. If the sampling test is qualified, it can continue to be used. The above is actually a regular oil change method, which is used more. In fact, there are three commonly used oil change methods at present.

There are three ways to determine the oil change period:

1. Visually inspect the oil change method. It is based on the experience of the maintenance personnel, and according to some visual changes in the normal state of the oil - such as the oil turning black, smelly, milky white, etc., to decide whether to change the oil.

2. Regular oil change method. According to the environmental conditions and working conditions of the site where the equipment is located, and the oil change cycle of the oil used, it will be replaced when it is due. This method is very suitable for enterprises with more hydraulic equipment.

3. Sampling test method. Regularly sample and test the oil in the hydraulic press to determine the necessary items (such as viscosity, acid value, moisture, particle size and content, and corrosion, etc.) and indicators, according to the actual measured value of the oil quality and the specified oil deterioration standard. Compare and determine whether the oil should be changed.

Among these three oil change methods, the visual oil change method is subjective and needs to be determined according to the experience of the maintenance personnel, which has great uncertainty, and the regular oil change method sometimes causes a certain amount of waste, and the sampling test method is the most important. Scientific, more suitable for hydraulic press and cold extrusion molding machine equipment.

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