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How much does a hydraulic press cost ?


Hydraulic press is a high-tech product. It is a new type of intelligent equipment which integrates machinery, electricity, gas and liquid. It has a high degree of electrical automation. It can realize forging, stretching, flanging, forming, stamping, calibration, bending, pressing and other processes. It has been widely industry, building materials, machinery, chemical industry and other industries. It greatly reduces people's labor intensity, effectively realizes various technological achievements, and is a good helper for people, So. do vou know the cost of various hydraulic presses? How do we choose the right hvdraulic machine in our daily operation? Here we make a brief introduction, hoping to help you better understand the machine.

The discussion points are as follows:
       Hydraulic press composition
       Hydraulic machine cost and control
       Hydraulic machine selection skills

Hydraulic press composition
       The following are the main components and important functions of the hydraulic system:
       Hydraulic oil: an important working medium of hydraulic press.
       Power components: Hydraulic pump is the main equipment of power components. It mainly transmits power to provide hydraulic oil for the system and converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, which is the key factor to determine the pressure of the hydraulic system.
      Actuator: The main part is that when the hydraulic cylinder is working, under the action of hydraulic oil, the hydraulic energy is transformed into mechanical power, and under the control of the program, the mechanical equipment is forced to move to realize the function of high pressure forming
      Control elements: electro-hydraulic proportional reversing valve, throttle valve, safety valve and other hydraulic valves are mainly used to control hydralic oil to achieve the control of hydraulic oil volume and direction correctness, to meet the power, speed and direction of the movement of the hydraulic system.
      Auxiliary components: oil tank, oil pipe, pressure gauge, pipe joint and other components play an auxiliary role in the hydraulic system. The tank is used for storing hydraulic oil. The tubing ensures the normal fluidity of hydraulic oil. The pressure gauge can realize the pressure regulating function of the equipment These are essential to the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic machine cost and control
       The cost of a machine depends on the complexity of its components. Hydropress generally consists of three parts: machine (main engine), power system and hydraulic control system. This machine is basically no different. Power system is the key and hydraulic control system is the core. At present, there is no unified standard in the industry.
With the development of the times, powerful hydraulic press enterprises are gradually developing, but there are always some problems in the process of development. Enterprises to achieve stable development. there is no capital, no talent and other concerns, Enterprises should be equipped with easy, cost.control and management to do well, so that enterprises have more competitive advantages in the active market. So how do we control costs?

1) Strengthen teamwork and rationally allocate resourcesWhether service-oriented or production-oriented orders, there is an order implementation process. The production and operation system can not be separated from the cooperation of various departments of the company. Therefore, hydraulic press enterprises need to place orders with R&D departments, enhance R&D departments' awareness of emphasizing reality and market, and enhance the unity and coordination of various systems
       2) Introducing Lean Production Model and Fine ManagementEnterprises can introduce lean production mode. The core of lean production mode is to eliminate all ineffective labor and waste, set perfect goals, and.ensure the advantages of enterprises in market competition by continuously reducing costs, improving quality, improving production flexibility, achieving no waste and zero inventory. At the same time, lean production entrusts all levels of organizational structure to adopt collective work mode,fully mobiliz the.enthusiasm and wisdom of all staff and workers, and eliminate defects and waste in all aspects.
       3) Do a good job in cost control and quantitative digital standardsThe purpose of the enterprise engaged in production and management is to make a profit and maximize profit. The purpose of cost control is to continuously reduce costs and achieve greater profits. When setting the target cost, we should first consider the profit target of the enterprise, and at the same time consider the competitive selling price
In short, in order to achieve stable development in the development process of hydraulic press enterprises, first of all, cost control, followed by cost control, to fine management.

Hydraulic machine selection skills
       The quality of them directly affects the output power. As buyers, we must hope to buy the best hydraulic press at the lowest price.
       After contacting several manufacturing enterprises, the most important thing is to select and purchase after obtaining information such as price, parameters and delivery mode.
       Machine tools are generally provided by manufacturers after sales. Direct purchases from manufacturers can save money and ensure after-sales comfort.Therefore, we must pay attention to whether the other party is a real manufacturer and whether it can provide timely and thoughtful after-sales service.
      Check whether the exterior design of the hydraulic machine is reasonable, indicating whether the paint is uniformly lubricated and the lubricating appearance is better .

       With the continuous improvement and development of hydraulic press equipment and the continuous improvement of its performance, this equipment has.made outstanding contributions in more and more industries. Facing the magical and measurable development in the future, It has good market prospects. If you want to choose the right hydropress at this time, please choose us, because our company is committed to the production of hydraulic press and other related equipment, and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. We also produce forging press, link press,lf you have any questions about the purchase process, please ask us in time.

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