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How many types are there for the straightening machine?


The straightening machine is a common machine in modern industry. It is used for conveying products such as granules, powders, flakes and strip materials.They are used in a wide range of industries. The wide variety of feeders, the range of materials available and the different processing processes have led to the creation of many different types of feeders. This article provides a brief analysis of the common types of straightening machine.

The common types of straightening machines

Servo coil fee
The servo coil feeder is a coil feeder designed for the coming high-tech industry. It is mainly controlled by a computerised closed-circuit feedback system to ensure accuracy to within ±0.03mm. In general, the servo coil feeder is more convenient and easier to operate than other mechanical feeders in terms of adjustment and control.

.NC feeder
The NC feeder is a new type of feeding equipment, which overcomes the defects of traditional feeding machines such as poor feeding accuracy, cumbersome adjustment and small application range.
Roll feeder
The roll feeder is connected to the output shaft of the press by a connecting rod and is driven by the press, the feeding length of the feeder is adjusted by adjusting the eccentric disk. roll feeder has the main advantages of high feeding accuracy, high speed, no additional energy supply etc.. 
In addition to the coil feeders mentioned above, there are many other types of coil feeder. We have listed the working principles of the most commonly used models here to help our customers in their selection and use. If you are looking for a coil feeder, please take a closer look at the characteristics of the differen types of coil feeder.The market demand for the straightening machine.The demand for straightening machines is very high. It plays an important role in various fields, especially in the high-end stamping industry. In today's society more and more manufacturers are adopting mechanised conveying, which will become inevitable in place of human labour, and with its high degree of accuracy, it is expected that the market demand for straightening machines will grow in the future .

Why use the straightening machine?
The reasons for using a straightening machine are simple. It is easy to operate, saves labour and reduces labour costs and human resources. It has many advantages. In terms of performance, the straightening machine offers high conveying speed, long conveying distances, high conveying capacity and low energy consumption. The use of a straightening machine reduces the complexity of one of the most important and complex transport operations, namely the loading and transfer of material on a conveyor.
All of the above is an introduction to the coil feeder. From the above information, would you say that you have a better understanding of our company's coi feeders? For any product, our company has a strict quality control. We can recommend the most suitable coil feeder system for our customers based on detailed information about the coil, such as the weight of the coil, the thickness and width of the sheet and the working speed of the automatic press line Please contact us if you would like more information about our coil feeder .

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