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How is World positioned?
World centers on providing one-stop solution of World for customers at home and abroad. We have been focusing on integrating the design, production, sales and service of together to make it more competitive in the market. In order to differentiate the company from other brands in the market, we pay attention to the customer service, aiming at offering the most considerate and professional service for customers.

Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd. is renowned for its R&D and manufacture capability. According to the material, Yingxin's products are divided into several categories, and power press machine is one of them. The production of c frame press always take c frame power press into account. It is one of the most beneficial and convenient workshop machinery. Its performance is all based on our industry-leading technology. The brake system enables it to stop at any point, especially for the emergency stop.

We work hard to protect the future for our natural resources. So we aim to effectively improve our use of raw materials, energy, and water in the manufacture of our products.
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