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How is the car shell stamped out?


How is the car shell stamped out ?

How many steps are there to produce a car shell?

1,Punching , 2, Welding , 3, Coating , 4,Assmble

So what is stamping?

It's the use of equipment, the plate and other materials to apply external force, so that it will be permanently deformed.

Stamping process has high production efficiency, low production cost, easy to realize mechanization and automation, but also can produce complex parts that are difficult to be processed by reducing metal processing method, which is suitable for body parts manufacturing.

Stamped body parts .

Generally speaking, the car body you can see ,  70% of the parts are stamping molding, stamping is the first process of body manufacturing, stamping level directly determines the body is good or bad, but also affects the subsequent process.

The mechanical presses generally used on the automobile stamping line are very large and the load is also large. The weight of the mold to be replaced is also several tons. The force loaded on the body parts is often thousands of times the weight of the car, and a press is required. The fuselage is not deformed, and the difficulty can be imagined.

Moreover, a large press can cost millions of people just by casting its body. In order to enhance the transmission capacity, most of them are equipped with herringbone gears. The lathe used to process a gear is tens of meters long, and the gear shaping process may take several months.

Large or small parts will have higher requirements on the precision of the machine. The press is a typical large part. The production process is complex, the stability and accuracy are high, and the manufacturing cycle is long. Chinese press manufacturers want to win The market is not easy.

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