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How does the crank type power press work ?


How does the crank type power presswork? Many people are curious about this problem, because the crank type power press is used in many aspects of our lives, has made a lot of contributions to people's lives, and has become a major assistant in human production and life. There are also different types.of crank type power press machine, like Cframe single crank press, C frame double crank press, H frame single crank press, etc. This artcle will detail the details of the work of the crank type power press.

This article contains the following aspects:
A. Working principle
B. Safe operation
C. Precautions when working on the press
D. Summary

1. Working principle
The output power and motion of the motor are transmitted to the intermediate transmission shaft through the belt drive, and then transmitted to the crankshaft through the gear transmission, and the slider is driven to move up and down linearly. The rotational motion of the crankshaft becomes a reciprocating motion of the slider through the connecting rod. The upper mold is fixed on the slider, and the lower mold is fixed on the table pad. Crank type power press can pressurize the material placed between the upper and lower molds, and the workpiece is made into a workpiece by the mold to realize pressure processing.

2. Safe operation
With any machine, you should understand that only the right operation can make the machine work best and have a longer life. So first you need to know how to make the press work.
1) When installing the mold, the closing height of the mold must be adapted to the closing height of the press. The inching stroke should be used wher adjusting the closing height of the press. The workbench of the press is not allowed to be at the lowest limit position, but should be at the middle limit of it adjustment amount, and the mold must be fixed firmly
2) Carefully check the pressure of the compressed air before work. When the pressure is less than 3.92 MPa, the press should not be started. Check that the equipment's operating system and lubrication system are normal. Check that the clutches, brakes and guards are safe and in good condition.
3) To prevent the slider of crank type power press from getting stuck, it is strictly prohibited to overload the work
4) After the motor is started, the slider should be operated for forging after the flywheel speed is normal. During operation, the operator must not leave the post and is not allowed to clean, adjust and lubricate the equipment. Do not allow your hand or tool to reach the slider stroke range
5) A safety cover should be installed on the pedal control panel to prevent the slider from suddenly falling due to accidental pressure from others or other objects, resulting in an accident
6) When the press is working continuously for a long time, it should pay attention to check whether there is any phenomenon such as overheating, smoking sparking, etc. in the motor, clutch, brake, slider and guide rail. If it is, it should be cooled properly before continuing to work.
7) At the end of the work, the slider should be lowered to the bottom dead center position, and the power supply should be cut off, the compressed air should be turned off, the work site should be arranged, and the handover work should be completed.

3, Precautions when working on the pres:
1) pay attention to safety
Ensure that the locking/opening process is carried out correctly to ensure the safety of the service personnel and that the sleeve is placed at the very bottom of the stroke before the brake maintenance work is performed. If you do this, you don't need to lock the sleeve anymore.
2) workshop environment control
A clean press allows operators or maintenance personnel to quickly identify problems as they occur. For example, oil leakage, air leakage, breakage, etc. If crank type power press is clean, it is very easy to find its position.
3) the problem is solved
In the event of a problem with the press, only qualified electricians can perform the electrical circuit maintenance of the press, but you can still check that the light bulb on the control panel of the press is normal. Make sure the lamp is working and correct in every shift. Shows the various operating conditions performed by the press.

4) ensure balance
A precision-balanced press can work better, so it is best to check it once a year. Pneumatic systems are responsible for the operation of pneumatic brakes and balancing systems. It is necessary to check for gas leaks because the proper air pressure can affect the performance of the brakes and balance system. They control the stop time of the press and will cause operation if problems occur. And equipment are in danger. In addition, all pneumatic systems have regulators, lubricators and water reservoirs. The water accumulated in the gas pipeline should be excluded every day
5) replace
Improper maintenance of the press lubrication system can also cause the press to stop. It should be ensured that the filter is replaced while the oil is being replaced, and it needs to be replaced frequently.

4, Conclusion
The detailed answer in this paper is that the crank type power press works like this; how to make the compressor work and the precautions when the compressor works, these three problems. Do you know all kinds of information about crank type power press work from various angles?

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