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How does an eccentric gear press work?


How eccentric gear presses work is a problem that should be curious for many people, People often enjoy the fruits of the rapid development of social mechanization, but they do not know how the things they have acquired are made. This is a serious problem. If everyone is only comfortable enjoying the results and no source of follow-up, society will not be able to develop. This is really a very serious consequence, so people should be curious about the various outcomes around them, to explore the source and understand the source. For example, this article will explain how eccentric gears work, like single point eccentric gear press, two points eccentric gear press, etc

This article contains the following points: 
       How does this press work?
       What is the control system of the press?

1. How does this press work?
When the eccentric gear rotates on the mandrel, the eccentric neck is equivalent to the crank being rotated, thereby driving the link to move the slider up and down, thereby causing the link to move the slider up and down. The upper mold is fixed on the slider, and the lower mold is fixed on the table pad. Eccentric gear press can pressurize the material placed between the upper and lower molds, and the workpiece is made into a workpiece by the mold to realize pressure processing.

2. What is the control system of the press?
1) operating
The equipment and its automation system enable monitoring and operation in debug mode, single-action mode, and automatic mode through a control panel. With the integrated visual interface, the selection and execution of various functions of the device can be realized conveniently and quickly. According to the customer's needs, a control panel with button function can be added to achieve local operation.
2) Visual system visualization system
A 15-inch touch screen is used as part of the control system. Display all equipment parameters. measured values, alarm information, etc. to the operator in an easy-to-understand manner. When the fault occurs, there are detailed instructions to make troubleshooting easier. At the same time, the built-in original fault function focuses on analyzing more critical aspects. The overall instructions and further technical documentation of the device can also be displayed here.
3) Secondary / MES production execution system
Process data can be transferred to the upper computer system via the communication interface, such as the computer secondary system developed by SMS.The system has been configured with the following MES function modules MIDIS (Order Management), BDE (Process Data Acquisition),FIS (Alarm Informatior Management), ISS (Maintenance Management), MPT/CM (Status Detection)
4) Clutch and brake system
The failsafe clutch/brake svstem ensures the shortest response time. The clutch and brake are mounted directly on the eccentric shaft to directly prevent overloading of the press. The wet clutch/brake svstem is electro-hydraulic fully automatic and has a verv short response time, For ease of maintenance, the clutch and brake are mounted on the flywheel side and on the other side of eccentric gear press. The flywheel is braked by a variable frequency drive motor
5) Weight balance system
In order to ensure the dynamic balance, the weight of the upper and lower moving parts of eccentric gear press, including the mold base and the mold. is.supported by two cylinders, which minimizes the bearing clearance of the power transmission components, thereby improving the dynamic load bearing of the transmission mechanical parts. ability

3. ConclusionThe eccentric gear press is a very basic press that is used by many workshops. Therefore, we must know how the eccentric press works; at the same time, we must master its operation method and understand the system of the press. Only in this way can the eccentric gear press produce the highest efficiency in our workshop.

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