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How does a servo press work ?


With the development of domestic related technology and competition with imported products, servo press has become a new direction for the development.of forming equipment. As a new type of Mechatronics product, Electronic press has the advantages of energy saving, low noise, good environment, low maintenance cost and good control stability. Therefore, this kind of equipment will plav an increasinglv important role in important manufacturing fields such as electronic products and other precision manufacturing fields. So, do you know what kind of equipment this new type of equipment is? How does it work?Here we give a brief introduction, hoping to let you better understand the servo punch.

The main points are as follows: 
       servo press structure
       How does the servo press work 
       Servo punch operation flow 

Servo press structure

1. Main structure: desktop structure, simple and reliable, strong bearing capacity, small bearing deformation, is a stable and widely used bearing structure.
2. Composition of Electronic press system: servo press, control system, display, etc.
3. Servo press mainly includes:
(1) Driver-Servo Driver
(2) Transmission device-synchronous wheel structure, precision ball screw 
(3) Pressure Output-Pressure Spindle
(4) Bearing sets-ball bearings, self-lubricating bearings, etc.
(5) Pressure sensor - external type, beautiful structure, free from wire interference 
(6) Shell Metal Spray Paint
(7) Control System-Closed Loop Control

How does the servo press work
       Servo press drives eccentric gear by servo motor to realize the slider movement process. Through complex electrification control, the servo press can adjust the stroke, speed, pressure of the slider arbitrarily, and even reach the nominal tonnage of the press at low speed. Secondly, the main working methods of Electronic press are briefly introduced

       (1) Using linear servo motor to drive crankshaft directlyThe servo motor is directly connected with the crankshaft through the gear pair. The rotational motion of servo motor is transformed into linear motion or slider through gear pair and linkage mechanism. The speed and position of the slider can be accurately controlled. The rotational motion of servo motor is converted into linear motion of slider by synchronous belt (or gear pair) and ball screw pair, and the motion of slider is measured by grating ruler and other displacement sensors to achieve closed-loop control. Its motion characteristic is similar to that of hydraulic press, and the rated pressure can be obtained.during the whole stroke. The limitation is that the bearing capacity of ball screw pair is limited, the efficiency of sliding screw is low, and the tonnage of press is small.
      (2) Linear servo motor drives slider directly.Linear servo motor directly converts electric energy into linear kinetic energy, promotes the work of slider, realizes "zero drive" and has the shortest.transmission chain. Therefore, the servo press has simple structure, high transmission efficiency, high accuracy and good energy saving effect. However, due to the limitation of output torque of linear servo motor, this working mode is mainly used in small short-stroke press.

Servo punch operation flow
(1) After checking the equipment without abnormality, turn on the power supply and the equipment enters the initial reset state. When the reset is completed.the equipment enters standby state and the tricolor status indicator is green.
(2) Place the work piece to be pressed on the worktable.
(3) Select the number of the mould to be pressed in the operation interface of the man-machine interface: switch the selection button to the "automatic/single cycle" mode, then press the start button on the button box with both hands at the same time, and the device starts to run; the tricolor light is the Yellow operation indication
(4) The pressure axis begins to move at a set speed: fast down detection -Press -buffer-hold-return.
(5) When pressed, the three-color status indicator of the equipment turns green.
(6) When the selection button is switched to "manual" mode, the servo pressure axis drops and stops when it is loosened after the start is triggered by both hands. This action is mainly used for initial alignment of debugging equipment and work piece.
(7) When pressing the emergency stop buttonThe tricolor light is red; the buzzer keeps dialing the short distance telephone: the pressure shaft stops at the current position; press the "reset" button to restore the pressure shaft to its original position and stand by until the device is pressed and restarted.

       After reading this article, do you know more about Electronic press? The emergence of servo press, a new type of equipment, is undoubtedly one of the major inventions in the field of scientific research. Its widespread use has brought unprecedented benefits. So, if you want to know more about servo punch, please consult us in time, we will give vou the most satisfactory answer.

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