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How does a hydraulic press produce the inner bladder of an electric rice cooker


How does a hydraulic press produce the inner bladder of an electric rice cooker?

     Belongs to stretching hydraulic press hydraulic press, electric rice cooker bladder models for YW32 series, the series hydraulic press adopted four pillar type construction, and the workbench is equipped with hydraulic cushion and enough plunger hole, suitable for pressing of materials of plasticity, such as tensile, bending, flanging, blanking plate, etc., can also be engaged in calibration, pressure equipment, wheel molding, cold extrusion molding metal parts, plastic products and pressure molding process of powder products.Today I will popularize the drawing process of the electric rice cooker liner hydraulic press.


    The inner bladder of electric rice cooker is drawn and molded by hydraulic press.It can be drawn to a larger shape at one time.Easy to operate, we can be equipped with photoelectric safety protection device to protect the staff.It can also be equipped with hydraulic air cushion, which can send the products to the platform after stamping and stretching, so that employees can take down the processed products.

    The hydraulic press has two movable beams inside and outside, the stretching moving beam is installed inside, the pressing edge moving beam is installed outside.When double-acting drawing is carried out, the hold-edge moving beam drops first, and when the hold-edge moving beam does not drop, it becomes the state of holding pressure.At this point, the drawing moving beam fast downward, close to the workpiece to be stretched at a slow speed.After the drawing process is completed, the drawing moving beam can realize the calendering time, unloading and fast return journey, and the pressing edging moving beam can also carry out unloading return journey accordingly, and then the work piece can be ejected out of the cylinder.Complete a cycle of work.

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