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How do you handle a transfer manipulator ?


With the development of industrial automation in China, the application of robots in the industry is becoming more and more extensive, and the application of material transfer is becoming more and more popular, so it can be said that it plays an important role in related fields. In production, it can gradually replace the heavy tasks of labor, greatly reducing the workload of workers, and on the other hand, greatly improving production efficiency. At present, the robot has entered a stage of rapid development and has formed a new, multidisciplinary and extensive discipline portfolio-mechanical engineering. So, how should we handle the transfer manipulators correctly? Here we briefly introduce and analyze this, hoping to help you better understand this new type of transfer manipulators.

        The main points are as follows:

What is a transfer iron-hand
       The benefits of transfer manipulators
       How to handle transfer manipulators

What is a transfer iron-hand

       Aiming at the automation of production line, a kind of material sorting manipulator is designed, which realizes the automation of production. Choosing cylindrical coordinate type for manipulator can realize expansion, lifting, rotation, tightening and relaxation of manipulator. The driving system is driven by hydraulic and electric power to realize the movement of expansion, lifting, rotation, clamping and relaxation. The control system is controlled by PLC and operated automatically by mechanical hand. The working mode can be changed by switching switches. The system has alarm function. When the operator fails, it can alarm in time. At the same time, the surface quality detection sensor is used to detect the quality of the work piece, eliminate the unqualfied work piece and separate it.

The positive role of transfer manipulators is increasingly recognized by people. In the production process, products on assembly line are often classified. It can partly replace manual work, meet the requirements of production technology, and complete the transmission of the corresponding work piece according to certain procedures, time and place. Therefore, it can greatly improve the working conditions of workers and accelerate the pace of mechanization and automation of industrial production. With the development of social economy, the transfer machine hand has been paid attention by various units, and a lot of manpower and material resources have been invested in research and application. Especially in high temperature, high pressure, dust, noise and other occasions, the application is more extensive. In recent years, China has also developed rapidly, and has made some achievements in related research, which has attracted the attention of various sectors.

The benefits of transfer manipulatorsTransfer manipulator is a kind of machine which adopts automatic sorting production line in a large number of sorting. It can greatly improve labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve working conditions, ensure production balance, thereby improving the competitiveness of enterprises, and accelerate the pace of mechanization and automation of industrial production. What good is that?

(1) High reliability and anti-interference capability;

(2) Flexible application and convenient programming;

(3) Easy to install, debug and repair

(4) Perfect function and strong applicability;
       (5) Small size and low energy consumption.

        How to handle transfer manipulatorsIn daily operation, how should we deal with the transfer iron-hand correctly? The operation modes of transmission manipulator are divided into manual operation mode and automatic operation mode. The automatic operation mode can be divided into step-by-step, single-cycle and continuous operation modes.

2. Automation
       (1) Step-by-step operation: each time the start button is pressed, the controller automatically stops after the operation is completed.
       (2)One-cycle operation: the operator starts from the origin and clicks the start button. The controller automatically completes an action cycle and stops.
       (3) Continuous operation: the manipulator starts from the origin and presses the start button. The action of the manipulator will cycle automatically and continuously periodically. If the stop button is pressed at work, the controller will continue to complete an action cycle and automatically stop at the origin.

       In today's society, with the wide application of transfer manipulator, not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also gradually realizes the automation of production. It can be said that it has brought great convenience to our production and life. Of course, if you have any questions about the transfer manipulator, automatic feeding lines, suttingmachine please consult us in time, and we will give you a satisfactory answer.

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