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Our business partners are satisfied with our guillotine shearing machine and service, they have a feeling and dependence on our brand. They are constantly working with us on new projects and introducing us to other customers. Our company focuses on building long-term relationships based on value creation and delivery through products and services with our business partners. When you need to expand production or need a new solution, we will support your business.

Shanghai Yingxin World Machinery Co., Ltd. has a wealth of manufacturing experience in h frame press. Yingxin has created a number of successful series, and bending machine is one of them. The workmanship used in WORLD hydraulic sheet bending machine varies based on different customers' needs, mainly including common weaving, interweaving, washing, dyeing, destaticization, etc. Its PLC control system can be a Panasonic or Mitsubishi brand. This product is safe to use. All its circuits are exquisitely designed. They include the main circuit, the control circuit, signal circuit, and other local circuits. Fabricated by heat treatment, its steel welded body has high rigidity.

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