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How can powder products hydraulic press achieve energy saving?

by:WORLD     2022-09-01
Only by understanding the principle of energy saving of powder products hydraulic press can we do energy saving work. First, the powder product hydraulic press uses a fixed pump to supply oil, and the excess oil is returned to the fuel tank through a proportional valve. During this process, the oil supply and motor speed are unchanged, but the speed and pressure requirements are different, and there is at least a lot of waste in actual operation. Through frequency conversion to save energy, observe the proportional pressure and flow signals of the numerical control system, and adjust the flow adjustment of each working process of the powder product hydraulic press to meet the needs of the system. When the system is not running, reduce the speed of the motor and increase the energy saving space.

Since the output power of the hydraulic press system for powder products has changed a lot, the requirements for flow and pressure are different in different processes. The required total flow and working pressure must be adjusted by means of the flow valve and the pressure valve, but the fixed pump has no adjustment effect, and the oil temperature will rise. A lot of time is wasted on energy, wear and tear of various valves, high fuel consumption and high noise will reduce the overall use time of the hydraulic press for powder products.

The design capacity of the hydraulic motor is higher than the actual design capacity, which will also cause waste. Therefore, it is recommended to use variable frequency energy-saving motors as much as possible to improve the design to reduce waste, protect the motor, and prolong the service life of the hydraulic press for powder products.

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