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Have you learned the knowledge points of four-column hydraulic press?

by:WORLD     2022-10-08
Shanghai WORLD Press Machine manufacturer specializes in the production of small four-column hydraulic presses, 100-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 200-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 300-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 60-ton four-column hydraulic presses, 80-ton four-column hydraulic presses, three-beam four-column hydraulic presses, etc. Today, WORLD Press Machine Shanghai WORLD Press Machine will popularize the relevant knowledge of four-column hydraulic press with you. Look carefully and learn it carefully. I believe it will definitely be useful to you.

Four-column hydraulic press is a common and commonly used type of hydraulic press, and for all of us, it is also important to be familiar with and understand, because it is a website product and keyword, so, based on this, the next step is to carry out this kind of hydraulic press The work of explaining relevant knowledge, so that everyone can have learning objects and learning content.

1. What is the up and down speed of the four-column hydraulic press related to? How to ensure that the problem of no return trip does not occur?

The up and down speed of the four-column hydraulic press is mainly related to the pump flow. If the pump cannot meet the flow rate, it is necessary to replace the pump with the flow rate that can meet the requirements to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic function. In order to ensure that the problem of non-return does not occur on the hydraulic press, one is to ensure that the oil cylinder has good sealing performance and sealing effect, and the other is to ensure that the solenoid valve can work normally, so as to achieve the purpose.

2. What are the contents of the four-column hydraulic press in its operating instructions?

Four-column hydraulic press, this is a specific model of four-column hydraulic press, and its operation manual should include the general drawing of the product, the use and characteristics of the product, etc., which are indispensable. The specific use of this hydraulic press is for the pressing of plastic materials and the pressing and forming of plastic products. In the pressing process, there can be stamping, forming, bending, embossing, flanging and stretching.

3. Pressure and downward speed in the four-column hydraulic press

Generally speaking, the slider will enter a normal state when it falls through its own weight, so its downward speed is related to the master cylinder pressure. When the upper die and the lower die are in contact, it has a great influence on the downward speed, but when the die has a bottom dead center, the slider will stop. If it is the overflow of the relief valve, there will be a phenomenon of deceleration. In addition, some four-column hydraulic presses use switched reluctance motors to start the hydraulic pump to achieve intelligent control, making the hydraulic press easy to operate and reliable to use.

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