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Good standard requirements for oil used in hydraulic presses

by:WORLD     2022-09-20

In the hydraulic press, the selection of oil becomes very important for the hydraulic press. The following aspects should be paid attention to when selecting hydraulic oil:

1. Appropriate viscosity

With the decrease of temperature, the viscosity of hydraulic oil increases, the pressure loss of the system is large, the efficiency is reduced, and the oil suction condition of the pump deteriorates, which is prone to cavitation and cavitation, making the pump difficult to operate. If the viscosity is too small, the system will leak too much, the volume loss will increase, the system efficiency will be low, and the rigidity of the system will be deteriorated. In addition, seasonal changes, and the temperature of hydraulic oil will change before and after the start of the four-column hydraulic press and during normal operation. Therefore, in order to make the hydraulic system work normally and stably, the viscosity of the working medium is required to change with temperature. .

2. Lubricity

Excellent hydraulic oil lubricates the moving parts in the hydraulic system of the four-column hydraulic press to reduce friction and reduce friction, and ensure that the system can work normally for a long time. In recent years, hydraulic systems and components are developing toward higher performance, and many friction parts are in a state of boundary lubrication. Therefore, hydraulic oil is required to have good lubricity.

3. Antioxidant

The contact of hydraulic oil with air will cause oxidative deterioration. High temperature, high pressure and certain substances, such as copper, zinc, aluminum, etc., will accelerate the oxidation process. After oxidation, the acid value of the medium increases, which is more corrosive, and the viscous substances generated by oxidation will block the pores and gaps of the components and affect the normal operation of the system. Therefore, the hydraulic oil is required to have good oxidation resistance.

4. Good shear stability

When the working medium passes through pumps, valves and microporous components, it is subject to severe shearing. This mechanical action causes two forms of viscosity change in the medium, namely a temporary viscosity loss at high shear rates and a permanent viscosity drop caused by the destruction of the polymeric tackifier molecules. This situation is especially serious at high speed and high pressure. After the viscosity is reduced to a certain level, it cannot be used continuously. Therefore, the shear stability of the hydraulic oil is required to be good.

5. Anti-rust and non-corrosion metal

Many metal parts in the hydraulic system are in contact with hydraulic oil for a long time, and their surfaces will corrode under the action of water and air dissolved in the medium, which will destroy the accuracy and surface quality. Rust particles circulate in the system and can also cause accelerated component wear and system failure. At the same time, the medium itself is not allowed to have a corrosive effect on metal parts, or it will slowly decompose to produce corrosive substances such as acid. Therefore, the oil used in hydraulic presses is required to have good metal protection, rust prevention and non-corrosion properties.

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